Christian and I (Sarah) are the parents of a 4 yr. old, beautiful, sweet boy named Sven who was diagnosed with Leukemia on 4.19.09. Immediately we started chemotherepy treatment for Sven with the Pediatric Oncology Center @ Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island, NY. I will outline some highs and lows and most of all type some frustrations away :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ughhhh! Yesterday was clinic day and though Sven was off (his behavior & mood off) this past week, you know acting sort of 5, he usually acts so cute and sweet like a little man all manners and politeness, and random people comment to us that he is so well behaved and perfect, so I thought hey he is just being a normal 5 year old and to us that is a good thing except my nerves are a bit frayed from the amount of times I am saying NO Sven! So ya think I could have figured it all out, the doctor called last night and said Sven's blood counts dropped to 700 (WTF&*%$!) which means he is on the border of being neutropenic (worse than a suppressed immune system, basically it means no immunity). So today I will make the house sterile and put away all fluffy bacteria holding things and keep people away, I will also have to explain to Sven that we will have to be extra careful and keep our activities limited to be safe! I am praying that we get a safe passage through this low count time and rebound by next week! I think I will need to cry today, and also cancer just kicked me in the butt and reminded me that I can't let me gaurd down! Fight Sven fight!


  1. I'm sorry that Sven was having such an off day and his counts are down.


    I hope his counts (and mood) rebound quickly!

    Ashley @

  2. I will be praying for him tonight. You have your cry, I am over here feeling some of that pain for you.

    Sven sound wonderful.

    I found you via FF and am following.

    Hang in there. Follow back at