Christian and I (Sarah) are the parents of a 4 yr. old, beautiful, sweet boy named Sven who was diagnosed with Leukemia on 4.19.09. Immediately we started chemotherepy treatment for Sven with the Pediatric Oncology Center @ Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island, NY. I will outline some highs and lows and most of all type some frustrations away :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Life is Mario Kart

Last night we had a family walk after dinner, we leave all the dishes on the table and put on our sneakers and head out for some excercise. We are trying to build up muscle and stamina for Sven as he is not doing well in his physical therepy. The theme was real life Mario Kart, it is a video game that he was introduced to when he was first diagnosed, they use it as a tool at his cancer center to keep him occupied while they do chemo our tubies (access his port). We walked along the sidewalks and every crack, electrical cover, mailbox was a feature in the racing game like bananna peels that make you crash, rainbow cubes that give you super speed and spikey turtles that crash your kart, we laughed the whole walk and Sven did not mention once that his legs hurt or that he was tired or needed to be carried. Hmmm I wonder if it will also work when I head to the gym today and get on that treadmill...oh what I would pay to be 5 again!

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  1. What a great way to create fun out of exercise! You seem like great parents, sorry you're going through this, my thoughts and prayers are with your family!